Saturday, June 23, 2007

Get Money, Stay True

Get Money, Stay True is the sophmore full-length studio album from Paul Wall, released on April 3, 2007.

This album mainly reflects on the materialistic side of Paul Wall, in contrast to The People's Champ which reflects mainly on Paul Wall's personal life.

On MTV News Paul Wall said, "I've been getting into the studio every chance I get, working with [Swishahouse head honcho] T. Farris and [Houston producer] Mr. Lee. I got a real hot track "Bangin Screw" from up and coming producers Bizness and Aaddict when I was in L.A. And like the title says, the album is all about getting money and fame, but also about staying true to where I came up," Wall said. "I've dealt with so many things I never had to deal with before — the success I've attained in the past year has been phenomenal, but I still want to remain Paul Wall. So we're not changing the script too much. The focus is still the same: the cars, the clothes, the ho's, the screw music."

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